domenica 14 ottobre 2012

Alcide De Gasperi: A Christian, A Democrat, An European

recently in the past days a stupid man in forly had the great idea,to call an airport with the name of that sh.... of mussolini, you know very well my political thinking, I have always been a supporter of the old Christian Democrats. so I have to say that for me Alcide De Gasperi, is a character that I can just put close john paul ii, a ronald reagan, luigi berlinguer, franklin delano roosevelt, john kennedy, in short, to characters in the story have been constructive, have done well. so if someone like de gasperi, that was one of the fathers of the European Union, and NATO, there was a motivation to think, as he said, to the next generation, thinking, so our children will find themselves in a solid system where they can live, which means that he was too much altruist for the others, from this comes the fact that I am a European, pro-American, etc.. obviously respect the thoughts of the friends of the center-left, but I like as a good christian Democrat, I'm never going against creatures which de gasperi he helped to create. are the people like him, who was a builder, and is a duty remembered them, and not subjects like Mussolini, who was a destroyer. This member of Confindustria, in which has the brilliant idea of calling an airport with the name of that fascist dictator. who has this idea he has drunk his brain. strong opposition