lunedì 5 settembre 2011

883 - Nient'altro che noi

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Rome, September 5, 2011 - "Italy grants asylum to Kate, without delay." And 'position that the Secretary delegated the implementation of the government program, Daniela Santanche expresses "in line with the statements by Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini," about the story of Kate Omoregbe, the Nigerian woman jailed in our country and release today, in case of extradition to Nigeria, from which she is escaped 'in our country also to avoid an arranged marriage, would be condemned to death by stoning, for refusing to convert to Islam.

"It 'a case in point," said Santanche remembering that "the execution of the sentence in Nigeria is not a hypothesis but a certainty. For this reason - he explains - we can not have it 'will delay' uncertainties. Unfortunately, in those civilizations 'from the standpoint of the rights of women and' even at the age 'of the stone, and so' true that are killed by throwing stones. "

Long black braids, blacks pants and a shirt with designs typical of his land. she's going out of jail Castrovillari (Cosenza), Omoregbe Kate, 34, arrested in Rome released from jail for good behavior ahead of schedule. Kate was kneeling in front of Franco Corbelli, the Civil Rights Movement, embraced him crying and thanked for their efforts in his favor. "Thanks to all of Italy," Kate said with folded hands. "Thanks to all prison staff and Castrovillari. i'm grown so much, "said Kate, who said that this night is not 'able to sleep for the excitement.

"Now I want to start living without fear," said Kate yet. "I have suffered violence in Nigeria," he added. I have been arrested because it involved a history of drug dealing, but, i have always protested my innocence and the situation will' now be reviewed. But most of all risk stoning in Nigeria, where she fled because 'they wanted to force to convert me to Islam, i'm Catholic, and marry a man much old 'than me. And you 'move in her favor the Civil Rights Movement, garnered around the world because' she were given the status of political refugee, who now seems possible. On October 19 the hearing that will decide 'its future. Meanwhile, Kate was accompanied to the Police of Cosenza, at the immigration office, as required by the case. Then will be 'escorted to Rome, in a private residence, unless it decides to stay in Calabria, the region is seen that, and' made available to host it. Franco Corbelli is trying to convince her to do so. Kate could enroll at the University 'of Calabria to finish her studies.

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