venerdì 9 agosto 2013

proposals for the congress

Article 1
Stop with the Wars of aggression aimed exclusively to attack defenseless people, whose countries are mowed down by years and years of violence, of which we don't see an end. there is need to rebuild infrastructures, schools, redefining the rules of soldiers, and put a stop to those who go on missions especially and exclusively to shoot, too many times I have seen on youtube of soldiers who confessed with videos, some proudly so, other with a nervous wreck they began to cry for the things they had seen raw, then I don't want to see anymore those soldiers who shoot captors as an amusement park in the shooting, and even these poor guys who come back from missions with the nerves wreck. I don't say that military operations  must not be  made. but  as i said we need rebuild also economies. give a future to those poor people could otherwise they  will always see us as enemies. I ask that the economies of those countries will be supported.Obviously governments in afghanistan  must logically exclude the Taliban, which for me is a Terrorist Organization and  any negotiation will not included them. I hope that in Afghanistan, women are guaranteed in the full rights,  from education, to the vote, to the jobs. and then get out from that country for bring home the troops. We need  to focus also on Syria, North Korea  Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Belarus. cause unfortunately those regimes in those countries are very far from be free. Serves that America, Support the opposition of those countries, Face feel its pressure on these tyrannies. But the pressures are    especially in Syria in order to prevent terrorists influence from Lebanon's those are the Hezbollah, they  may interfere, once the Assad regime will be shot down.

Article 2
Support to the African people, the children of those countries, who often live in conditions of extreme poverty. ensure them a future, support programs, or take them away from their poor countries. The money used for military operations, for the purchase of aircraft, fighter jets and everything else, it could be use for them ... nowadays a minority of these populations in the West comes through the barges from Libya to Lampedusa, in a clandestine manner. embassies and consulates in African countries could have an important role in this. The West could do so much. need only a liitle bit of good will. Obviously I thank heaven that Italy is on the outskirts of the southern hemisphere and the opportunity for those coming is to have the hope of a future, there are angels who are thinking about them. For them and for their children. we must also take into account the populations of Asia and southern .... many  pastoralists my friends  are engage on these fronts. but not enough. serves that the West is committed to solve the problem because  have strength to do that, give money and medicines to these people. Dear Friends Democrats, members of Congress,  sometimes i see in these children live poverty and I feel guilty, for the mere fact of being a Western person. and I suffer a lot in not being able to do anything for them. Now the time has come that we solve the scourge of poverty once and for all, Children in Africa who are dying every day in the most complete poverty and indifference of the people is not over' tolerable. You also need to make a good immigration reform, cause you have to give an hand to the poor children of Mexico, and South America, as much as possible the need to facilitate their integration into American society

Article 3
Third point, the public debt, gentlemen of the Congress, we are at a point of no return, the United States currently has one of the most public debts' biggest in the world. it is estimated around the 17 trillion dollars, we are too dependent on China, I define it as a pain drop that little by little has  puncturing our skull. unfortunately we do not will get rid  from this debt ever. if today the debt is 17,000 billion dollars in ten years will be at least double. that we must change our way. the debt can not be paid. this is the only solution. We must follow the example of Argentina. I remind friends of the Congress that the South American country is growing at a rate of 10% per annum. You have to understand clearly that if we  don't cancel we do not rid of that. EVER! We must remedy the effects of various cliffs tax on families that have hit the American middle class in recent months. give relief to the middle class incomes and hit the more high. canceled the reforms that had been made in the Bush administration. Who have focused exclusively only classes more  rich
Article 4
Fourth point, education in the United States is very expensive, the middle-class families can not afford the fees of the universities because barely able to pay the school fees. which causes a very high level of ignorance, the university cheaper in the United States is  only the WGU. I have  relatives and friends in south carolina I fully understand the phenomenon. the vast majority of the boys, go to work as mechanic, the plumber, the mason, the farmer. I don't want to disparage these noble professions. but a guy in the U.S., in many cases,  is not probably that have recourse so he/she is forced to ask  financial aids. The state must take charge of tuition fees, cause unfortunately families can not spend $ 50,000 for year to send his/her son/daughter to college. need an European  system in USA. every family need not pay more 'than $ 1.500 fees for year .. please give everyone the opportunity to access to higher education. If not we will always have this level of backwardness in the countryside and in rural areas. if you want  i  send you statements of tuition fees certain Italian universities ... so you will learn
 Article 5
In this fifth point I want to talk about  Obama's health care reform. I think that health care reform has been one of the best reforms that might have been made in the United States in their history. but unfortunately is not complete.  cause it only covers 25% of the population. It's not like he wanted to Kennedy, that is extended to 100% of the population. You have to extend it to all Americans. put an end to private health care, if one has no money, can not afford treatment. or if seriously injured, when they healed if he/she  has no money, $ 200,000 take example he risk  the take his/her  house. it takes quite an health care system as it has worked for many years in Italy, no one can play on the skin of people. Health is not a commodity to be treated commercially, friends of the Democratic Party, I suggest to you to initiate a series of reforms in this direction. should be cut  the monopoly on health insurance

Article 6
It takes a strong legislation on the possession of weapons, currently in the U.S.  it seems to me that buy a weapon over there since i remember  it's always been like buy a newspaper at kiosk. we do not realize that there are people  in south carolina that I know, and that in their house they have authentic arsenals, they are still conservative, if you want then I show you the names who reject any attempt to reform weapons. these people I consider them only  fanatical extremists. common sense must prevail. and those who want to own a gun must take the license. and he/she should not be even sure that he/she will be granted. legislation must function as in Italy. the owner of the weapons have to pay taxes salted, and must be subjected to be checking day by day. is a step that must be done in order to limit massacres such as those that we have had in recent times. Let us take one at random, that in Denver, Colorado...

Article 7
This article is dedicated to talk about snowden, I believe that his initiative to reveal  highly classified documents. has not been a good idea from him, far from it. daily i read  the forum of cbs, usa today, the Washington Post, the New York Times. I read only that there is not a single American who is on the side of snowden .. documents in the hands of the secret service uses, served only for defensive purposes to protect the territory, and the Americans themselves, if a person had a clear conscience I do not think he had nothing to  be fear. these things are done for fight terrorism. even if you will be spied  the data does not come out, unless it comes out a case such as the former coach of the NSA. is now in temporary asylum in Russia, I would say that the choice of Russia to provide  him political asylum, has been a slap in the face. You must press the Moscow authorities so that snowdn is sent back, and tried for the crimes committed against the united states
Article 8
This point is dedicated to international terrorism, currently after the killing of Bin Laden. Only responsible for the attacks on 11 September 2001, and only ordering the attacks of that terrible day. remain alive, yet the principal leaders of international terrorism Ayman Al Zawahiri and the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar. I do not intend of technical of intelligence, but with this point,  urge you   do more in the hunt for these two super leaders of international terrorism. they will be eliminated as soon as possible, as soon america will be a safer place. Unfortunately, even after the death of Bin Laden Al Qaeda Lives ... you have to eliminate all the heads to inflict them   the most serious losses on the way to dismantle Their organizations . and Referring to the first point of this draft. for isolate the Talibans, Afghans must have ensure education, employments and infrastructures ... and moreover money. the economy is rebuilt that country the only way  the Taliban should be consider unpopular and isolated. the war alone does not lead anywhere, violence produces more violence is sad. About Guantanamo should be kept open,  we can not close the prison, otherwise we risk sending enemies fighters on the battlefield again...
Article 9
This article is dedicated to the eternal Israeli-Palestinian war, which is from the Second World War that we pull behind. we must put   in our head dear friends democrats, that the Palestinians need a state, so that 'there are two states and two peoples living peacefully side by side. also in this case extremism should be kept out of any negotiation. Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist groups, they must not put their nose in the region. we must support Israel in confronting these Islamic militias. as soon as Palestine will have a status. as soon as the war will ends. and also in this case the extremists will be isolated
Article 10
Last point dedicated to the international monetary policies. dear friends democrats, we must regain possession of our monetary sovereignty. I mean us, like all states, without relying too much from the IMF, ECB, World Bank, and we should not depend as I said before from foreign countries to find the resources, we have to print money by ourselves. and not be too dependent on these international organizations and banks must be nationalized. cause private banks have already done too much damage. are the causes of the debt along that is like the noose around our neck which we find ourselves today. then you have to put a stop to the rating agencies, I agree with many of their reports issued about banks. but it feeds the vicious cycle in this sense will be stopped