giovedì 2 dicembre 2010


even in YOUR capitalist system, on the whole American friends there is need of a good reform, a person can not 'ask for a loan to the banks without a salary,' cause then if he/she can not 'pay, the state take his/her home. .. no no no there is need to change the rules american friends, DISMISSAL BANKING INDUSTRY FALL ... A SLAUGHTERHOUSE

Michael moore and health care system

Michael Moore has right in this film, unfortunately, dear American friends, your private health care system, can not' be good on a civilized society. the fault is of 'insurances. 'cause these leeches that together the banks play on the skin of the poor wretches.....with health care reform of president obama we are on the way for a public health, I do not think that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will succeed' to dismantle it, there are millions of poor people who can not to pay insurance and that for the government if they're sick can also die. and that's not fair, the state must assume all expenses of STOP AT INSURANCES AND GIVE FREE TREATMENTS AT POOR PEOPLE...