mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Wake up America. reject Islamic violence to sender

Today in Paris went to the scene yet another barbaric and cowardly attack against innocent civilians. is all day, i wrote against this dangerous religion that is Islam, we can not tolerate anymore. is already the third attack. Canada, Australia, and France. It can be enough the only way, is that the international community, must be stronger. triple its presence in dangerous areas of the world where international terrorism, Islamic, will born and prosperous. We can not afford more mistakes. especially the prison of guantanamo bay, must be made more efficient, to imprison these enemy fighters. the United States must be present in the scene. Dear friends Take the mails of Senators and Members of Congress. send them lots of mails you tell them that the threat of terrorism looms. and America must to do more. about what happened in Paris today. I hope that these assasins are arrested, and shipped in the special prison in the island of Cuba. condolences to the families of the dead. Wake up America