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Phelps: NO charge Swimming legend in clear over this bong pic 17/02/2009
OLYMPIC swimming legend Michael Phelps will NOT face drugs charges over this exclusive photo. American Phelps, 24, has admitted he was "stupid" after the News of the World ran an exclusive picture of him inhaling from a bong at a party.
The snap, viewed around the world, was taken just months after he won a record eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympics.
But South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott, in charge of policing the area where Phelps smoked the glass pipe, said the swimmer will not be prosecuted over the pic as they could not prove the pipe contained cannabis.
Lott said: "We had a photo and him saying he was sorry for inappropriate behaviour.
"He never said, 'I smoked marijuana.' We didn't have physical evidence."
Phelps released a statement saying "I'm glad this matter is put to rest.
"But there are also some important lessons that I've learned. For me, it's all about recognising that I used bad judgment and it's a mistake I won't make again."
it's all about recognizing that I used bad judgment and it's a mistake I won't make againThe swimmer previously apologised was suspended for three months by USA Swimming authority.
He also lost a sponsorship deal with cereal maker Kelloggs but now hopes the matter is in his wake and a lesson to others.
He said: "For young people especially -- be careful about the decisions you make. One bad decision can really hurt you and the people you care about.
"I really appreciate the support my family and fans have shown me and now I will move forward and dive back into the pool, having put this whole thing behind me."
Cops had previously confiscated the bong, whose owner reportedly tried to sell it for $100,000 dollars on auction website eBay.


UNTIL now, Jade Goody never believed she’d have to look death in the face.
She believed that if you really want to live, if you pray hard enough for it, if you throw every fibre of your being into making it happen— then you will.

Previously unseen footage of Jade Goody talking about her cancer battle
But that would be in a world where everything was right and fair and where miracles really DO happen.
Jade prayed long and hard for her miracle—but it never came. The cancer she has fought so valiantly has finally beaten her.
It took just a moment for doctors to snuff out the only glimmer of hope that had been lighting up the long dark days since her operation last week.
On Friday afternoon they gathered around her bed and told her there was nothing more they could do. The battle was over and they were sending her home to die.
“I couldn’t breathe when they told me,” says Jade. “I just screamed and cried and said, ‘Can’t anyone do anything to help me!’ Because a few weeks ago when they first told me the chemo hadn’t worked they said it didn’t have to be the end.
“They said there were lots of other medicines out there and there were other things they could do.
I know they’ve done everything they can to help me and I’m grateful. But I really thought I might be OK“And I believed them. And there they were telling me it was the end. I didn’t want to believe it. I’m not blaming them. I know they’ve done everything they can to help me and I’m grateful. But I really thought I might be OK.
“But,” she says quietly, “I suppose there was this little part of me that didn’t. Since my bowel operation last week the pain has been getting worse and worse and I still haven’t been to the loo and I knew that was a bad sign. But I was still praying for a miracle.”
Jade says she was by herself when doctors delivered the news that brought her world crashing down around her:

LOVING MUM: To Freddie and Bobby“I rang Jack immediately and he came running in. He was crying and so very upset. He just kept saying, ‘All that chemo, all that pain and it was all for nothing’. He refused to accept it at first and he and the rest of the family started talking about getting me on a plane to America.
“They kept telling me they can do amazing things over there and that maybe there is some miracle cure that we don’t know about.
“But as I listened to them I just kept thinking, ‘It’s too late for me. My time has run out.’ All I want to do now is spend whatever time I have left with Jack and the kids.
“You know, when Jack came out of prison he had no idea how sick I was. And I know this is hard for him because he expected to get me back. He expected the chemo to work and that we’d have a life together as a family.
But I swear we WILL be a family before I die—just not for as long as I’d have hoped“But I swear we WILL be a family before I die—just not for as long as I’d have hoped.
“I love Jack with all my heart and I want to be his wife more than anything in the world. And I will be.
“He’s devastated but he’s really trying to hold it together for me. But as soon as he found out I was going to die he just said, ‘Right then we’re getting married. You’re a special woman, I love you and I would be honoured to call you my wife. And I don’t care if it’s just for a few weeks’.” Jade knows that at 27 she’s too young to die. And, yes, she wants to rant and rail and scream: “I want to ask God why he couldn’t have given me more time with my boys.
“Just a bit—just enough to hear them laugh a few more times, to see that they’re happy, to write them long letters so I can tell them who I was and how much I loved them and remind them about all the things we did together.
“Because they might forget me. And I can’t bear the thought of that.
“I’ve decided I’m going to make them a Memory Box and put in lots of things that will remind them of me and what we did together. And maybe when they’re older it will help them remember.”
A few weeks ago Jade said something that I can’t get out of my head. She said: “I keep asking myself what I did that was so bad that it had to end like this.”
And as I listened to her I realised that’s how she must see this. A deprived childhood with parents too stupid, too selfish and too drug- addicted to make a decent life for their little girl. So, the first chance she got she made one for herself. It’s not the one every parent would have wanted for their daughter.
But for Jade fame and money helped her escape shackles of a miserable childhood, a childhood where she looked after everyone but no-one looked after her.
But the biggest prize in her glitzy new life wasn’t the fame or the money—it was her beloved boys, Freddie, four, and Bobby, five. Jade once told me she believed she’d been given the chance to make good what had happened in HER childhood through her boys.
She was determined that they would have a totally different life to the one she’d had.
They would have a beautiful home, they would have money—but best of all they would have an education, something the street-savvy Jade had always wanted for herself. And the boys truly are a credit to her. They’re sweet, well adjusted, well behaved children and Jade’s biggest joy is that she’s able to pay for them to go to a private school
“When I first knew I had cancer I worked out a strategy,” she said. “I thought if I earn enough money while I’m sick there will be enough for them to go to private school until they are 18.
I want my boys to have the very best chance in life they can have“I know people think I’m betraying my roots by sending them to a private school but I want them to have the very best chance in life they can have. And that’s what my money is for. What’s the point of everything I have if I can’t do that for them?”
Jade Goody is an enigma. Even now, when she knows she has less than eight weeks to live, there is resoluteness about her, a strength that is hard to fathom.
When she was first diagnosed and we talked I kept thinking she didn’t really understand what was happening to her. I thought she didn’t understand that she might die.
And, God forgive me, I put it down to the fact she might not be very bright and that she hadn’t fully grasped the seriousness of her condition.
But now I see she always understood. She always knew.
She just put the cancer-stricken Jade away in a box, the one she thought might die, and she kept bringing out the Bright, Bubbly, Indefatigable Jade, the one people expected to see—the one no-one believed for a second would die. And no-one really did. Until now . . .
But now I see it helped her cope. It’s still helping her cope as she prepares for the big white wedding she always dreamed of.
She won’t talk about funeral arrangements. Instead she wants to talk about wedding planners, make-up artists, dresses and wedding cakes.
And just hours after she’d been told she was going to die a friend overheard her and Jack laughing uproariously in her room.
When he asked what was going on Jade was shouting: “Don’t tell him, don’t tell him!”
What had happened was that Jack was trying to show Jade how to break wind so that her swollen stomach might feel just a little more comfortable.
And last night—just a day after her terrible news—Jade was busily getting ready for a Valentine’s Day party with her friends.
It was being held in a little ante- room next to her bedroom and even though Jack can’t stay with her on what will be her last ever Valentine’s Day—because of the conditions of his prison electronic-tag curfew—she was determined to make the best of it and have a party.
All her friends and their partners readily agreed to give up their own Valentine’s Day celebrations to drink champagne with Jade.
“As Jack’s not here my best friend Jen is going to be my date,” says Jade. “But that’s OK. I’ll have my day with Jack and it WILL be the best day of my life.”

i pray for this poor girl




la nouvelle compagne de Bonolis a Sanremo:ELEONORA ABBAGNATO

Eleonora Abbagnato : « La vie est faite de choix » Mademoiselle Abbagnato, beauté et force (marco Glaviano) Sicilienne de 28 ans, Eleonora Abbagnato est première danseuse dans le corps de ballet de l'Opéra de Paris. Ténacité, persévérance et travail acharné guident ses pas.AUCUNPar mariona vivar i giulio zucchini - Paris Traduction : Delphine Salerno.Lire l'article en : français anglais italien catalan [VO] polonais espagnol allemand 14/01/07 Tags : Culture, sport, Italie, théâtre, France, Europe de l'Ouest, musique, dance, Paris.Envoyez par e-mail Imprimez -Grossir le texte Rétrécir le texte Nous pénétrons dans les entrailles de l'Opéra Garnier par une petite porte située à l’arrière de l’édifice majestueux, emblématique du style Napoléon III : les murs des couloirs sont semés de peintures aux toiles décolorées par le passage impitoyable du temps. A l’intérieur du bâtiment, une cafétéria est réservée aux artistes. Au menu, tables et chaises en bois et prix abordables. Tout le luxe réside dans les fauteuils d'orchestre.La première danseuse de l'Opéra de Paris arrive en retard. Avec sa longue crinière blonde sagement retenue par une queue de cheval et son allure sportive, Eleonora Abbagnato est l'une des dix étrangères à avoir intégré le corps de ballet de 150 ballerines qui résident à Garnier. Comment cette Italienne... «Non, Sicilienne », me coupe-t-elle aussitôt.Comment cette Sicilienne donc, est-elle arrivée jusqu'ici ?Tout commence à Palerme, un peu par hasard. Lorsqu'elle est petite, sa mère la confie fréquemment à une voisine, Marisa Benassai, qui dirige une école de danse. « J'ai commencé à danser parce que je me sentais seule. Mon père et mon frère passaient des journées entières à regarder le football à la télévision. Je vivais dans un monde à part, avec ma télé et mes cassettes de danse », se souvient Abbagnato.Une enfance bien courte. « Je ne regrette pas de ne pas avoir joué à la poupée. Mais j'ai fait ce que j'ai voulu faire », se reprend-elle immédiatement. La jeune Eleonora se distingue rapidement en raflant les premiers prix de tous les concours et auditions auxquels elle se présente. Présentée au chorégraphe français Roland Petit, celui-ci décèle immédiatement chez cette enfant appliquée le potentiel d'une grande ballerine et l'engage à l'Opéra de Paris. Elle n'a alors que 14 ans.Détermination de fer« Lorsque je veux quelque chose, je l'obtiens. C'est comme en amour, quand je veux un homme, je n'en fais qu'une bouchée », s'exclame la jeune femme, soudainement prédatrice. Si la persévérance dont elle fait preuve semble indispensable pour percer dans le milieu de la danse, quels sont les sacrifices auxquels elle a dû consentir pour en arriver là ? « J'ai très certainement négligé ma famille. Mais la vie est faite de choix », nous répond la ballerine. Avant d'ajouter : « nous vivons ici dans des studios et nous dansons toute la journée, totalement coupés du monde extérieur. » Pour déconnecter, Abbagnato aime organiser des dîners avec ses amis italiens et préparer ‘la pasta’.Au vu de sa voix douce et de son français impeccable, il est difficile de croire que nous avons affaire à une authentique sicilienne. Ces quatorze années passées à Paris ne l'auraient-elles pas quelque peu francisée ? « Vous m'insultez ! », se récrie-t-elle. Les télévisions et les journaux italiens l'ont déjà propulsée au rang de vedette nationale, toutefois peu lui importe d'être considérée dans son pays natal comme un produit culturel ‘made in Italy’.Paris-Italie, Italie-ParisLorsqu'elle a un week-end de libre, Abbagnato s’empresse de boucler ses valises, direction l'Italie. Elle affirme qu’il lui est plus difficile aujourd'hui de vivre loin des siens qu'à ses débuts. « Lorsque j'étais petite fille, je n'avais qu'une chose en tête : enfiler mes chaussons et danser. Je savais qu'ici j'étais entourée des meilleurs et j'ignorais ce qui pouvait se passer ailleurs. Ce n’est qu’en grandissant que l'on prend conscience de ses manques », nous confie-t-elle.Mais que peut-il donc bien manquer à la première danseuse de l'Opéra de Paris ? «Pas grand-chose en fait. Seulement ma terre natale et davantage de chaleur humaine», glisse Abbagnato. Pourquoi dans ces cas-là ne postule-t-elle pas à la Scala de Milan ? Elle nous explique qu'elle y a été lorsqu'elle avait dix ans et que l'endroit ne lui a pas plu : « La Scala souffre d'un manque évident d'organisation et de moyens. Les danseurs ne répètent pas autant que nous. Si je partais pour Milan, je sais que mon niveau en pâtirait. Ici, nous avons les meilleurs chorégraphes et le meilleur matériel et nous pouvons compter sur un public nombreux et fidèle contrairement aux autres villes européennes.»Pour preuve, cela fait maintenant plusieurs semaines qu'il ne reste plus une seule entrée pour ‘La dame aux camélias’, le ballet du chorégraphe américain John Neumeier tiré du roman d'Alexandre Dumas. Eleonora Abbagnato y interprète Marguerite Gautier, la célèbre courtisane parisienne éprise d'Armand Duval, un client respectable. Sur scène, elle se déplace tout en grâce et en légèreté, glissant de bras en bras, attirant tous les regards. Faisant preuve d'une technique irréprochable, elle parvient à exécuter les figures les plus invraisemblables tout en se maintenant en équilibre. Une magnifique leçon de talent, de force et d'interprétation. Lorsque que le rideau tombe, c’est sous un tonnerre d'applaudissements.Un sport de compétition« Les gens n'ont d'yeux que pour toi, ils veulent tout savoir de toi. J'avoue que parfois pourtant j'aurais envie de tout laisser tomber. Lorsque tu es sous le feu des projecteurs, tu as toujours autour de toi des personnes qui essaient de te voler la vedette. Quand j'étais encore petite, c'était amusant. Aujourd'hui, ce genre de chose me fatigue », déplore Abbagnato.Elle reconnaît être sortie pendant six ans et demi avec un danseur de l'Opéra. Elle évoque cette relation sans détours : « si l’on éprouvait l'un pour l'autre une profonde admiration, il planait toujours sur notre couple une sorte de compétition latente. S'il obtenait un rôle dans un ballet et pas moi, une rivalité malsaine naissait entre nous. Le jour où nous nous sommes séparés, je me suis dit ‘plus jamais de danseur’. Je ne peux pas vivre avec un homme 24 heures sur 24. Je ne sais pas comment font les gens.C'est tellement triste ! »Abbagnato a eu la chance de danser avec les meilleurs chorégraphes contemporains comme Pina Bausch, Jiri Kilian ou Roland Petit. L’Allemande Pina Bausch, à l’origine du « théâtre-dansé », s'intéresse particulièrement au passé de ses danseurs avec lesquels elle travaille beaucoup la psychologie. Eleonora explique à ce sujet qu'au cours de la représentation du ‘ Sacre du printemps’, sa propre mère n'a pas supporté la violence de certaines scènes et a dû quitter la salle.La jeune femme affiche clairement sa préférence pour la danse contemporaine. « Les danseurs de la génération précédente ont dansé de la même façon tout au long de leur carrière. Pour ma part, je ne me vois pas interpréter indéfiniment ‘Le lac des cygnes’. Ce serait d'un ennui », soupire notre interlocutrice.Rigueur extrêmeAbbagnato nous explique qu'en France, le pays de la revendication par excellence, « aucun danseur n'a jamais fait grève par respect pour le travail, l'art et le public ». Le dos bien droit, elle affirme, avec une pointe d'orgueil dans la voix, n'avoir « jamais manqué une seule répétition en quatorze ans de danse ».Quant à son avenir, elle aimerait « faire du cinéma, fonder une famille et retourner plus souvent en Italie. » Un conseil à donner à tous les enfants qui rêvent d’intégrer le corps de ballet de l’Opéra de Paris? « Ne faites surtout pas de danse. » Abbagnato regretterait-elle ses choix ? « C'est fantastique d'être porté par une passion aussi forte, mais je crois qu'il existe des disciplines moins exigeantes. » Après un coup d’œil à sa montre, elle s’éclipse : « La répétition commence dans cinq minutes.»

Bisturi bisturi delle mie brame

Vip pazze di...una taglia in più
Chirurgo plastico, che passione!
Per un'ammissione, due gossip insistenti. Se Belen Rodriguez ha infatti confessato di essersi rifatta il seno, mentre si fanno sempre più frequenti le voci di un secondo intervento per Anna Tatangelo. A ricorrere al bisturi sarebbe anche una giovanissima, la seconda figlia di Ornella Muti. I due pettegolezzi sono riportati da Il Tempo.
Secondo quando si legge dal sito del quotidiano romano, la compagna di Gigi d’Alessio martedì sarebbe stata avvistata mentre usciva dalla clinica romana Quisisana. Pare abbia ritoccato ancora il seno perché il primo intervento non l’aveva soddisfatta appieno.A operarla il famoso chirurgo Giulio Basoccu, ex della De Grenet. Chi invece proprio non ce la faceva a sopportare la “concorrenza” di una mamma bellissima e sia ricorsa al bisturi per guadagnare qualche taglia di seno in più sarebbe la 23enne Carolina Facchinetti, secondogenita di Ornella Muti. L’intervento a quanto pare le ha ridato il sorriso e la fa sentire più sicura di sé, come pare racconti agli amici.Contenta per la riuscita dell’intervento invece Belen Rodriguez che sostiene di avere finalmente la misura giusta di seno: dopo aver perso otto chili, non le piaceva più e l’intervento additivo le ha dato un nuovo equilibrio. “Volevo indietro le mie tette” ha dichiarato la showgirl. E non ha perso tempo a riconquistarsele.