martedì 10 luglio 2012

Dear friends of cbest

Dear friends of cbest my name is luca, i wrote you because i want to work as a teacher from you in high schools of united states, I examined all of  website as regards the section of teachers, Exchange Teacher Program , therefore, first of all, I start by saying that I have call the U.S. Embassy in Rome, in June, and they explained to me that even if I'm on the list in Italy, this means nothing, because in the united states, schools give other types of assessment. So, i wanna explain that im on the list, since a year, in Udine, but I have not had experience, since I don't wanna stay and wait, that they call me to work in Italy, I decided to run, in your education system im graduated in economics in 2010. So, I check what administrators of website have indicated on the website, they have indicated as main feature, the perfect knowledge of English. About me I don't miss this feature, you talk about perfect integration with the students, I will be perfectly integrated, even with American teaching methods, in the website they mention that there are thirty days before going to work at school, meanwhile you can ask for, insurance and social security card,  in the website they talk about an interview with one of  their officials, and that school will provide at the house, is indicated in website that i will be ready to go also in schools of rural areas for me is ok, the fares between VISA and insurance, I have read that are just few hundred dollars, then, money are not a problem, So tell me, how do I to take the teaching certification, what are the necessary documents to begin this path. friends from the states, they told me that there is demand for education throughout all the country. waiting your kind reply, I send my best regards

ps i would to know more about your test

Luca Caputo