domenica 13 aprile 2014

Beirut police detain Berlusconi ally ahead of mafia verdict

These days, you are noticing, is going to ending the story of one of the men most cursed and damned of contemporary history, and Italian, Berlusconi, a man who has influenced  the history of the world, relations west - east, a personal friend of George W Bush and Vladimir Putin. a man who favored the mafia,corrupted half world and led Italy to financial collapse. an envoy of  the devil on earth, which, fortunately, thank God. we are nearly to  defeat him forever . that future generations may learn, not to encourage the creation of more such monsters... what do you think, i have beat  one of the most evil man of the world.... who can scared me  now, In  Detail in the video the arrest in beirut of the main  berlusconi's