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goodnight world

I wish to all my friends, sweet dreams, you know what my worst fault? I believe in loyalty and justice, respecting of the law, the institutions, of freedom. and anyone 'against these principles has nothing to do with me


tv series broadcast in the eighties and nineties years in italy and abroad that speaks of the Mafia in Palermo, Sicily and the world la piovra... octopus is a word for identify just 'the Mafia


President Obama on the 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inauguration

State Dinner with President Hu of China



Calabria is one of the rumors Wikileaks; region weak and corrupt politicians

13 January 11 A region''weak''and that 'a''drain on the Italian economy.'' A population that lacks''optimism, which sees local politicians as corrupt or ineffective.'' A territory''in the hands of extortionists and drug dealers.'' And 'this is the picture that the U.S. Consulate General in Naples J. Patrick Truhn, in a despatch of December 2008, makes the Calabria after a journey of about four days in the region. A tour along the peninsula, bringing the console to introduce so 'its' cable ':''The region will continue' and be a burden for the country as long as 'the national government did not dedicate' attention and resources needed to resolve these thorny problems.'' For Trunh, in addition to the''contribution (so far modest) success in law enforcement, we need a revolution in the way they see themselves in the Calabrian organized crime, corruption and, on the whole, the company 'civil'' . There are few positive signs'',''rooted''in particular young people.'' But most 'in general, during the trip,''we always felt the same complaints,''says the diplomat. At Vibo Valentia, for example, and 'the prefect of the province Ennio Sodano to admit that''the whole society' Calabrian 'involved in perpetuating this situation. The company 'IS' indifferent.'' In Crotone, according to''local''the president of Confindustria,''the president of Confindustria regional, Umberto de Rose, did not lead a strong opposition against members who pay the extortionists' cause them as victims who need help .'' Tourism, says the dispatch,''remains one of hope, despite the inadequate facilities (highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria and 'under construction for decades, and rail connections, beyond' the Tyrrhenian coast, are terrible) environmental degradation and organized crime.'' And the year before, said Truhn, when the consul suggested'''to the President of the Province of Reggio Calabria to talk to tour operators of the cruise industry''American''to bring tourists to the of the' Straits of Messina, including a day at Reggio, and perhaps a visit to the excavations at Locri,''the President's answer was:''What ', a tour operator?''

1/20/11: White House Press Briefing

West Wing Week: 1/21/11 or "A Rather Large Painting"



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Combat Troops in Iraq talk about PTSD

the priority is to rebuild those countries, helping children, all those poor families, improve their conditions, war is secondary, we are there for help

Burn Motherfucker

this is the song that marines listen during operations war, i have seen many videos and read many articles where soldiers talk about they enjoy to shot and make war...i think the priority is help civilians in those poor countries...only after to have think to help them you can broke ass of terrorists but you can not hit targets that involve innocent civilians.... indiscriminately


First, I would like to greet the public officials and all the participants present at this important convention dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Falcone. I would also like to thank the organizers of the event: Judge Stefano Amore and the Attorney General of Bari, Judge Antonio Laudati.
Eighteen years have gone by since the slaying of Giovanni Falcone, Freancesca Morvillo, and their security escort at Capaci, Sicily. Today, as always, the best way to remember them is to work towards fighting organized crime and international terrorism.
Working side-by-side with Giovanni Falcone, we established a method for investigating organized crime activity that produced significant results in the United States and in Italy. For Judge Falcone, international cooperation among law-enforcement agencies was one of the fundamental starting points for combating criminal entities that were always improving their organization and their coordination. Today, this method has become the most important instrument in confronting the menace of terrorism. Judge Falcone understood perfectly that in order to fight criminal and terrorist organizations effectively it is not enough to exchange information and requests – it is essential to have real cooperation, a real sharing of information, and a continuous exchange of evaluation of information. To accomplish all of this it is necessary to establish a true, effective international “pool.”
The reason for the success of Judge Falcone’s initiative was precisely his extraordinary capacity to create groups that could work, analyze data, and overcome the difficulties – that some found insurmountable – in establishing an effective collaboration between the law-enforcement organizations of the United States and of Italy. This method, “the Falcone method,” should convince everyone that it is no longer possible to confront the great problems posed by terrorism, by organized crime, or by the need to secure large urban areas without comprehensive international cooperation.
For this reason I believe that the best way to honor Giovanni Falcone is for us to explore the best ways to improve the administration of justice, not only in Italy but all over the world, by the exchange of “best practices” and by analysis of models for organizing law-enforcement.

thank you so much. rudolph giuliani

Giovanni Falcone if he was alive would have been proud of this, he collaborated A lot, with then-Attorney of New York Rudolph Giuliani. in this article he remembers him with much esteem

great anti-mafia operation in U.S.

Largest-ever Mafia sweep makes nearly 120 arrests

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder details some of the government's case against the Mob, part of a series of arrests among members of organized crime. The Feds say this is one of the biggest crackdowns in U.S. history.

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Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 20, 2011; 11:59 PM

Federal and state agents arrested nearly 120 reputed Mafia members from seven East Coast organized crime families Thursday, the largest coordinated arrest in the FBI's decades-long crackdown on La Cosa Nostra, the Justice Department said.

This Story

More than 800 law enforcement officers participated in the pre-dawn raids in New York City, New Jersey and New England, arresting defendants charged with crimes including murder, loansharking, extortion and labor racketeering. A total of 127 people have been charged, including alleged high-ranking members of some of the five New York City-based families, officials said.

The sweeping allegations against families with names such as Colombo and Gambino and men with titles such as consigliere and underboss recalled Mafia movies that have lingered in the popular imagination for decades. But authorities emphasized that the government still faces a deadly and resilient foe.

Federal officials said the scope and severity of the charges - which covered several alleged mob hits from the 1980s and 1990s and a 2002 murder in Queens, N.Y. - showed that the Mafia, also called La Cosa Nostra, is unbowed by the law enforcement crackdown.

"The notion that today's mob families are more genteel and less violent than in the past is put to lie by the charges contained in the indictments unsealed today," said Janice Fedarcyk, assistant director in charge of the FBI's New York field office. "Even more of a myth is the notion that the mob is a thing of the past, that La Cosa Nostra is a shadow of its former self."

But experts on the Mafia said the FBI's success has severely weakened the traditional organized crime families, whose members have been paraded off to prison in large numbers since the mid-1980s. Thursday's raids were the latest in a series of mass arrests, a tactic that experts said has become increasingly popular in recent years.

"A lot of these people have already been out of business for a very, very long time,'' said Jay Albanese, a Virginia Commonwealth University professor who studies organized crime. He said roughly 7,000 to 8,000 organized crime figures have been convicted nationwide since the first major racketeering indictment against the mob in 1985.


Albanese said mass arrests are designed, in part, to reinforce what has been one of the FBI's most successful tactics: recruiting mob turncoats. "You lock them up in different places, and everyone is much more willing to cut a deal because their best buddies have been arrested as well," Albanese said.

It was unclear whether attorneys had been appointed for the defendants, who were to appear in federal courts in four judicial districts.

Recently, the focus has been increasingly on Russian and other international organized crime organizations, which are also the subject of a Justice Department crackdown.

But Thursday's indictments had a certain sense of familiarity.

Some of the 85 defendants charged in federal court in Brooklyn are accused members of the New Jersey-based Decavalcante family, widely viewed as an inspiration for the television show "The Sopranos.''

And some of those charged - such as Andrew Russo, 76, alleged street boss of the Colombo family, and Richard Fusco, 74, reputed consigliere of the Colombo family - had job titles familiar to viewers of "The Godfather" and other Mafia movies stretching back to the 1970s.

Among other alleged high-ranking mob defendants charged are Luigi Manocchio, 83, former boss of the New England La Costa Nostra; Benjamin Castellazzo, 73, acting underboss of the Colombo family; and Joseph Corozzo, 69, consigliere of the Gambino family. In all, officials said, more than 30 official members of La Cosa Nostra, or "made men," face charges.

"A lot of these guys are very heavy hitters,'' said Robert J. Castelli, a Republican New York state assemblyman and former organized crime investigator. He called the arrests "very significant,'' but he added: "Is La Cosa Nostra gone because of this? Absolutely not. These people have the ability to change with the times.''

The crimes covered in the indictments include the 1993 murder of Colombo family underboss Joseph Scopo, who was shot in the passenger seat of a car outside his residence in Ozone Park, Queens, N.Y. Other counts involve the Colombo crime family's alleged long-standing control of a cement and concrete workers union in New York City.

Some of the charges are based in part on hundreds of hours of recorded conversations of members and associates of the Colombo family, authorities said, another common FBI tactic against organized crime.

Congratulations to FBI and American police forces, for to have brought to justice those mafia members in united states

Iraqi, U.S. forces search for extremists

Iraqi, U.S. forces search for extremists

MOSUL — Soldiers from the Stability Transition Team of Task Force Spear, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, partnered with troops of 6th Brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army Division, to search for indicators of extremist activity in western Mosul, Jan. 19.

U.S. Army Maj. Jason Carter, executive officer of Task Force Spear, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, accompanies Iraqi Army Col. Mahmoud Mansour Mardood, commander, 1st Battalion, 6th Brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army Division, during a partnered cordon and search mission in western Mosul, Jan. 19, 2011. Soldiers of 6th Bde., 3rd IA Div., partnered with Task Force Spear's Stability Transition Team to search the area for insurgent activity. USA photo/Sgt. S. Miller.

Partnered together, the combined force pursued leads and information provided by residents near the al-Harmat neighborhood of the city. Iraqi soldiers took the lead for the operation, establishing a security cordon and knocking on doors with U.S. forces serving in an advisory role.

U.S. Army Maj. Jason Carter, executive officer of Task Force Spear, said the decreasing role of U.S. forces in such operations is a testament to the Iraqi soldiers’ increasing ability to act alone.

“Today was a great example of them demonstrating their capability to conduct these operations autonomously,” said Carter, a native of Panama City, Fla. “It reduced the amount of safe havens that the enemy may think that they have in western Mosul.”

With U.S. forces change of responsibilities in support of Operation New Dawn, security operations in northern Iraq transitioned to Iraqi Security Forces.

During the patrol, Soldiers of Task Force Spear, 4th AAB observed their ISF counterparts as part of ongoing efforts to bolster security for the people of Ninewa province.

“We continue to assist them with everything we have,” said 1st Sgt. Jose Rosario, senior enlisted leader, Task Force Spear, and native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. “We’re looking forward to the next few months to continue to enhance their capabilities.”

Acting on information collected from local residents, the Iraqi Army and U.S. Soldiers searched several abandoned buildings suspected of being insurgent hideouts.

In a display of security presence, senior Iraqi leaders greeted local Iraqis and provided contact information in the event the citizens witnessed any unusual activity in their neighborhood.

“It shows that they care,” said Carter. “Not only does it force the enemy out, but it also encourages the populace and lets them know that the Iraqi Security Forces are here for them.”

The information paid off as several Iraqi soldiers discovered coils of wire and possible bomb-making materials, as well as a crawl space in an abandoned house at the edge of the city.

The 6th Bde., 3rd IA Div., soldiers demonstrated that they are fully adept at carrying out missions in their own areas with minimal or no help from U.S. Forces, said Carter.

Soldiers of Task Force Spear and 4th AAB remain responsible for building ISF capabilities U.S. Division-North as much as possible, as aggressively as possible, he said.

Caso Ruby

Caso Ruby: 'Giornale', Annozero ha rivelato cellulare Berlusconi

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Roma, 21 gen. - (Adnkronos) - ''La trasmissione Annozero ha fatto trapelare il numero di cellulare di Berlusconi''. E' quanto rileva il , il sito online de 'Il Giornale'. ''Durante la puntata, andata in onda ieri sera -scrive il sito del quotidiano- l'inviato Ruotolo ha mostrato l'agenda telefonica di Nadia Macri', coprendo con un dito le ultime tre cifre dell'utenza telefonica del premier ovvero proprio le tre cifre che non erano state coperte da omissis nelle 389 pagine di verbale consegnate alla Giunta per le autorizzazione della Camera dalla Procura di Milano e pubblicate da molti giornali su carta e online. E da ieri sera il cellulare di Berlusconi circola liberamente su internet''.

Di Pietro al TgLa7 di Mentana

Ieri sera sono stato ospite del TgLa7 di Enrico Mentana. Abbiamo commentato insieme le notizie del giorno, Ruby, il federalismo, la sfiducia a Bondi... Non è curioso che delle preoccupazioni del governo in tempo di crisi, gli scandali sessuali di Berlusconi siano al primo posto?. Antonio di pietro italia dei valori

ANNOZERO - Intervista a Nadia Macrì - Seconda parte

ANNOZERO - Intervista a Nadia Macrì - Prima parte

Maurizio Crozza : La tariffa "Berlusconi & me"

"A Berlusconi sfugge un piccolo particolare ..." -Bersani a Ballarò

Bersani: "Berlusconi, dieci milioni di firme per mandarlo a casa"

A tutti quelli che non ne possono più di quel che sta succedendo, a tutte le forze politiche e a tutti i cittadini che vogliono mobilitarsi per mandare a casa Berlusconi dico: in un mese raccogliamo dieci milioni di firme, le mettiamo sui camion e le portiamo a palazzo Chigi. Gli facciamo vedere coi tir cos'è l'Italia. E non andiamo dalla porta di servizio, andiamo davanti a palazzo Chigi. Pierluigi Bersani segretario Partito Democratico