giovedì 4 novembre 2010


ma me l'hai fatta quella commissione che ti avevo chiesto? mandami una mail oppure ci sentiamo al telefono e me lo dici...ciao cocca saluti a casa

good morning bimba

ey gurl another message for explain better, please stop with thig stupid game that you do from last year do not continue to write the usual squawking nonsense attendees.... do you have to do just what is better for you as I dont'wanna be on your way anymore... I told you that I dont want nothing to do with a family of people with criminal records and perverts, so stop to watch my pages in myspace with anonymus , stop send me mail under a facke name, dont have me in your mind I'll find just'my way...i can allow you to see me just as a friend for this i message you and visit your profile..need to change...morning babe have a good day