venerdì 11 aprile 2014

we have to do more to help the Ukrainian government to stem the protests of Donetsk

After the fake referendum in Crimea, we are seeing something of a paradox, again. What is happening in the east of Ukraine, with demonstrators pro-Russian, probably paid for by the Kremlin. is really unbearable, I believe that the government of Kiev, where the pro-Russian, does not stop protesting because they want to proclaim this phantom republic of Donetsk. Doing well to send troops, to restore normalcy. Moscow is showing its true face arrogant massing troops on the border to the east. I believe that the United States and the European Union should support the Ukrainian government against them. Then we can not even  be blackmailed  by Putin, with the weapon of the gas, which we know  passes through the territory of Ukraine. The tolerance has lasted too long, it's time to put the Russians, and the mercenaries in those parts of Ukraine that make the pro-Russian. Against  the wall. Better lavrov will shut up with his mouth