lunedì 29 marzo 2010

listen what a guy from russia write me

I am working in social assistance to poor people but write this in my second myspace page seems a huge exaggeration

The family from Russia of Nizhni Novgorod writes to you. A large family from 9 persons, 7 children. Excuse, that at once to you. We have dared at this letter not at once, but the exit is not present. We the believer, a good amicable strong family. Which would wish children of the best life, good formation. Understanding of laws and customs. That the child after training at Institute was necessary to the country. That money paid for work without a deceit and not to drag pity existence. I ask your protection and a refuge in your country. We are ready to work not regretting hands. Yes we unknown people, but can our children become known people. Necessary to your country. Yours faithfully to you Kyssa Natalia Aleksandrovna. Russia, Nizhni Novgorod of street Southern Highway д.53 sq. 25 т.89081539942. If you cannot help, send the letter in the necessary hands!And it not a spam and the request of all our family!