domenica 18 aprile 2010


ROME, April 18, 2010 - It's been 8 years that the Rome derby win both championships. And this coupled smells championship, because the leaders get the red and yellow on the edge of the nerves of the provision is not good and to some extent successful. Thumbs down Francesco Totti, this time leading off the field, will discuss a lot but suggests that this may indeed be the year of Rome, like it or not. Why Lazio played much better the first half and early in the second danger of going 2-0 up, if the unfortunate Floccari not badly pulled the rigor of ko Then Ranieri, skill and courage to turn over his Rome is blessed by luck and is also the rigor and then always with Vucinic, 13 centers in this tournament, is shot to flip the race. Too bad for the final fight in the field, unedifying and very risky for both teams for disciplinary consequences. Lazio fact now finds himself Atalanta, third last, only three points while Roma need to see what forces will face Sampdoria chasing the Champions.
Out banner - Unlucky defender Lazio after 4 'is forced to come to a nasty facial wound caused by a fortuitous contrast enough with Toni, who struck him in the face with right shoe. Banner is then brought to the clinic where Paideia is made for the fracture to the nasal septum. Reja is obliged to first change with Biava which becomes the central right and central Dias pass.

The Rome that takes the three points high and wide, ready to interchange, in an almost threatening. But Lazio are not intimidated, Reja organizes a team very short, with very low external and ready to share spaces. It strikes at the first opportunity with his best weapons: a big launch of Ledesma who takes in and puts controtempo Burdisso Rocchi best placed to beat cold output Julio Sergio. For the striker's fifth goal Venetian staff to Giallorossi in 12 derbies.

Biancocelesti bands - The goal galvanizes the Lazio made more tactically shrewd by Reja, which can double move by castling: median aggressive take away space and time especially De Rossi and Pizarro and blocking bands. Lichtsteiner very well to take down when trying to mark him and Riise sink. VERY GOOD also Kolarov who wins the duel with drawers, which decided the challenge with its network of way. And when Totti back to try more in the middle of the ball, here Brocchi and C. never had to turn around, helped by what Rocchi excellent in giving a hand in half, creating numerical superiority as well as being deadly in front of goal. So when the Rome seeks his landlocked tower tones, these are often found anticipated by a surprising Dias marking. At the end of time is not a coincidence that Muslera remains unemployed while some shiver through the back of Julio Sergio, especially since Burdisso, already guilty on goals, not the day and also lobbies simple mistake.

Claudio Ranieri understands that this is not going anywhere and has the courage to reshape Rome with a 4-3-1-2 which excludes the most representative players, and definitely in the shade: Totti and De Rossi. The main purpose reappropriation of the bands and the ball game: Perrotta remains low median with Pizarro and Taddei especially true outside and right key of the match, with a little luck for the Giallorossi.

Roma Vucinic celebrates after the network. Handle

PENALTY DOUBLE FACE - But the tactic is an option in a game of nerves and 5 minutes in the derby with Lazio seems to wink and then smile instead to the Romans. It happens all on the same band, starring Taddei and Kolarov: landed in the area by his drawers after missing the Brazilian. From floppy Floccari pulls badly and Gaston-Julio Sergio finds himself on the ball. The Rome awakened by fear is a new impetus and the duel is once again on the opposite side: Taddei dribbles Kolarov that engages the support foot. For the second time Tagliavento sees well, and the floppy Vucinic is perfect, despite the intuition Muslera.

punishment rome - Guess what the Uruguayan goalkeeper did not when a kick from the edge of the square barrier and its evil is still petrified by the torpedo pulled Vucinic. And amazingly the game is reversed. Remarkably, the punishment comes from the bezel to the inclusion of an effective Menez, smart playmaker, who becomes a weapon more touches and also 3-1.

trident Lazio - Reja understands that his sentenced episodes, they need a kick and put Zarate, moving to 4-3-3. Maurito makes a difference on the right by Riise mad, but his dangerous cross are never punctual appointment Cruz, who replaced a Floccari destroyed the error from the spot. The Rome ended with a 4-4-2, which makes little. And thus ends.

the hole - is what remains empty seats in the Tiber, about 5 thousand seats that can not be occupied because there have agreed to the violent clash. More than an hour before the race. Not particularly serious. But that's a glimpse at the civil tradition of the eternal city. Everyone loses.