mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011


NEWS Amanda's grandmother: "Raffaele is studying in the U.S."

 "He told me that here might find a new beginning, a new home"

  Raffaele Sollecito says he wants to go to the USA as soon as possible and the family of Amanda Knox sure to wait him with open arms. Even forever. "I invited him to visit us when he was in prison, and there seemed no hope," says Amanda's grandmother, Elizabeth Huff, the phone from her home in Seattle. "His goal now is to study here in the U.S.. After what was happened, I would not be surprised if in Italy he never came back." Huff has reunited with her granddaughter a few days ago, an emotion that she calls "the greatest of my life." "I followed the trial on television on my own," recalls her maternal grandmother. "I had to look also the other grandchildrens that I had been entrusted in the meantime the rest of the family was close to Amanda."
With Sollecito, Mrs Huff has maintained a correspondence constant over the last four years. And from the letters she realized how much the ex-boyfriend of her grandaughter cared to come to the U.S.. "Even before he knew Amanda would come to America to complete his studies in Computer Science. Now I have said to him here you can find a new beginning, a new home. In Italy is likely to have a difficult life. And after what has been, would be a shame. "

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