martedì 23 marzo 2010


Pescara, March 22 - (Adnkronos) - Attacked in front of a pub, fell to the ground violently banging his head on the pavement, where it remained among the general indifference to his friend when he realized what had happened and called for rescue. IS HAPPEN in Pescara on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The head of the aggression was detected by the cameras present outside the local agents of Pescara Flying Squad, led by Nicola Zupo: This is a nomad for 23 years, Claudio Spinelli, detained a suspect of the crime of attempted murder .

Were a few minutes past 3.30, when the victim, a boy of 23 years in Pescara Foggia to find some friends, had left the pub to smoke a cigarette. As reconstructed by investigators, at one point the boy was brought for trivial reasons by a group of five nomadic until one of them struck him two violent blows. From movies of the cameras that have taken over the scene we see the customers of the local switching indifferent to the boy lying on the ground and unconscious.

Only when his friend, who did not attend the scene, saw him on the ground unconscious, thinking of an illness he called 118. Rushed to hospital, CT showed fractures in the head at that point the staff of the hospital called the police, who immediately launched investigations.

Yesterday afternoon, officers stopped the nomad, who has a history for fights on the premises. The boy, who was operated for a hematoma to the head, is in coma