domenica 25 maggio 2014

Eurosceptic forces at european parliament. work in progress

Eurosceptic earthquake rocks EU elections

these days we saw that in some countries of EU have begun to unfold the elections for the European parliament. Today it was the turn of Italy , before of italy , france was at the vote yesterday. in Italy we had a victory for the Democrats with 42% of votes , and a result is not brilliant , of five-star movement 21,5% . but  the most significant news are from France and Greece , with the National Front  of marine le pen , and the list Tsipras . I tend to emphasize , however, as the party of Silvio Berlusconi , has slipped to 16%. and this is the best news of the evening. finally I see the worst enemy i ever had, sinking with all his evil empire. you know very well that I'm  in war with this snake from many years , however for to return to the main topic . anti EUR forces must be compacted in the euro parliament, and find a way to close the era of this disastrous currency which is the euro. Now let's switch this election hangover , then we will better understand what to do