domenica 2 gennaio 2011

goodnight world

your friend wish everyone goodnight in fb but stay here in blogspot...some night ago, got a few of problems for a bad virus in my computer but i have fixed all with my hands...i'm smart...kidding well before to go to bed leave you my favorite tv american series melrose place...for give you the chance to live the magic nights of california a dream land hope to go there soon :) goodnight friends

Sonia Addario - La mia tribù.mpg

coccaaaa amore mio ma che e' questa tristezza la vita va goduta

ma vieni qui che ci facciamo questa bella corda di salsicce teso'

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Melrose Place 2x07 1/3

heather locklear in the picture

Melrose Place 2x05 1/3

in the pic courtney thorne-smith


Melrose 2x04 1/4 "in english"

mario presto leggiiii!!!!

questa notizia rivoluzionerà il mondo della paleontologia e anche della secchioontologia...gli scienziati hanno scoperto che oltre all'omo sapiens, c'era pure l'omo ciotiens ecco da dove deriva la ciotiaaaaaa' e' fantastica questa notizia domani sara' nei giornali scientifici di mezzo mondo....

australian mission 07th february-13th april 2011


Sicilian cannoli

12 Ingredients for Cannoli:

For the "Discharge" (the cabinet)
800 grams of flour
75 grams of sugar
A pinch of salt
150 grams of lard
4 eggs
1 dl. Marsala
Rods with a diameter of about 2 cm. and about 12 cm long. spouts or tin (not welded)
Oil for frying

For the ricotta cream
1 pound of fresh ricotta
600 grams of sugar
A pinch of cinnamon powder (The content of a vanilla bean)
150 grams of dark chocolate drops
Candied cherries (2 for cannoli)

We prepare the "body"
Mix flour with remaining ingredients in order to obtain a paste rather hard. Form a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and allow to rest for about an hour.
Roll out the dough into thin sheet and cut into disks of 10 cm. in diameter, wrap in greased barrels of oil and soak in plenty of boiling oil (2:00 to 3:00 each). As soon as the pasta is a nice golden brown and drain on paper towels to cool place.

Prepare the cream cheese
If the ricotta is very humid, as it should be, let it drain in order to eliminate most of the serum. Mix well the ricotta with the sugar. Let stand for one hour and then sift it. At this point, add the cinnamon and dark chocolate.
We pack the cannoli
Fill in the bark with cream and helping pave the outer edges with a knife, place a candied cherry on the ends, put in a tray and sprinkle with powdered sugar and then in refrigerator