sabato 22 gennaio 2011

anti-mafia operation in crotone

Crotone - Arrested 12 people in a vast anti-mafia operation. The alleged offenses are criminal association, weapons, extortion, intimidation and drug trafficking.

Crotone - Twelve offenders were arrested by police in Crotone, with the help of mobile Cuneo and Verona, in a broad anti-mafia operation. All belong to the clan-Vrenna-Ciampi Bonaventure. The defendants will respond in various ways, the offenses of mafia-type association, weapons, extortion, intimidation and damage in respect of contractors and family members of employees of Justice, as well as drug trafficking. According to investigators, the twelve ran most of the illegal activities in the city thrived. During the operation were also seized several kilograms of cocaine have been identified and the routes of drug trafficking between Crotone, Bologna and Reggio Calabria.

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