venerdì 29 aprile 2016

Maryse Liburdi arrested by the FBI in rome

no one  of American media broke the news. I translate it for friends

Yesterday afternoon in Rome was arrested Maryse Liburdi, ex-wife of the player of Virtus Cassino Mauro Liburdi. The two had been divorced for over a year, much before it was issued the warrant of arrest of the American judge on the woman hung in fact an international arrest warrant.

The crime of which she is accused is aggravated computer fraud. Known and respected internationally as an expert level of economy and finances Maryse Liburdi, Thomas maiden, is accused of fraud worth millions to partners, lenders and investors. To give credibility to her work there was Pokeware, a technology company she founded in 1997.

In America Maryse was fugitive in 2015, but had managed to absconding, to become a ghost, hiding in Rome itself. Only yesterday afternoon, thanks to Interpol in Rome, the FBI and the Tax Police of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome, was captured while she was in the Parioli neighborhood Piazza Euclide.

Born in New York in 1971, the Liburdi was a frequent guest on international television programs including Fox News, CNBC and Bloomberg Television. He had intervened event TEDxLuiss of Rome in 2015, talking about her vision of a society in which people are aware of their actions on the net. Now is in Rebibbia waiting to be extradited to America.