venerdì 21 gennaio 2011


First, I would like to greet the public officials and all the participants present at this important convention dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Falcone. I would also like to thank the organizers of the event: Judge Stefano Amore and the Attorney General of Bari, Judge Antonio Laudati.
Eighteen years have gone by since the slaying of Giovanni Falcone, Freancesca Morvillo, and their security escort at Capaci, Sicily. Today, as always, the best way to remember them is to work towards fighting organized crime and international terrorism.
Working side-by-side with Giovanni Falcone, we established a method for investigating organized crime activity that produced significant results in the United States and in Italy. For Judge Falcone, international cooperation among law-enforcement agencies was one of the fundamental starting points for combating criminal entities that were always improving their organization and their coordination. Today, this method has become the most important instrument in confronting the menace of terrorism. Judge Falcone understood perfectly that in order to fight criminal and terrorist organizations effectively it is not enough to exchange information and requests – it is essential to have real cooperation, a real sharing of information, and a continuous exchange of evaluation of information. To accomplish all of this it is necessary to establish a true, effective international “pool.”
The reason for the success of Judge Falcone’s initiative was precisely his extraordinary capacity to create groups that could work, analyze data, and overcome the difficulties – that some found insurmountable – in establishing an effective collaboration between the law-enforcement organizations of the United States and of Italy. This method, “the Falcone method,” should convince everyone that it is no longer possible to confront the great problems posed by terrorism, by organized crime, or by the need to secure large urban areas without comprehensive international cooperation.
For this reason I believe that the best way to honor Giovanni Falcone is for us to explore the best ways to improve the administration of justice, not only in Italy but all over the world, by the exchange of “best practices” and by analysis of models for organizing law-enforcement.

thank you so much. rudolph giuliani

Giovanni Falcone if he was alive would have been proud of this, he collaborated A lot, with then-Attorney of New York Rudolph Giuliani. in this article he remembers him with much esteem

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