giovedì 15 aprile 2010


is dead Raimondo Vianello. With him disappears a historical figure of Italian TV, with his wife Sandra Mondaini was among the leaders of the small screen. He completed 88 years in May. Since the historical couple with Ugo Tognazzi the sitcom "House Vianello" was one of the most popular small screen and beyond.
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Big fan of football and sport in general, led for years, "Pressing", the first sports media Mediaset to compete at the "Sunday Sport". The last appearance, with Sandra Mondaini was last year in fiction Cruise Vianello, in what will be on hand to farewell a couple of the most popular show ever.

Vianello went off Thursday morning at ten to seven San Raffaele hospital in Milan for the worsening of his physical condition. The funeral will be held Saturday at the Church of God the Father in Milan 2 where the famous artist lived with his wife, Sandra Mondaini.

There will be no funeral instead: they decided the family of the conductor. ''For want of the right holders are not permitted visits to the deceased unless the scheduled day of the funeral service''reads the sign hanging on the door of the morgue of the San Raffaele where is the body of Vianello. The door of the morgue is open to visitors only an hour before the funeral, scheduled for the 11 in the Church of God the Father in Segrate. After the funeral, the body will be transferred to Rome to be buried in the family tomb at the Verano cemetery.

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